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About Us

    247 Studio is a phenomenal brand specializing in creating, designing and selling craft and lifestyle items and accessories such as earrings and bags. The products’ high quality is owed to exceptional expert design in using traditional and respectable products. Located at 247 Sathorn road right at the heart of Bangkok, the brand's achievements in the industry have made it a pacesetter representing modern elegance while capturing a touch of Thailand culture and tradition.


     The 247 Studio is a design by Benyapa, a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Political Science and a remarkable professional. Benyapa’s background in the accessory and bijoux design industry coupled with her training in jewelry making, leather making, smiting, pottery, and handicraft, has made her an admirable force in her industry. Her love for creating art and design inspires her skills in coming up with amazing and luxurious products that have an Asian tradition and cultural touch, holding an amazing relevance in everyday life. An award-winning brand, Benyapa’s collection features the innovative technique of material mixing. Her unique ability to marry cultural items with modern techniques in creating a simple but contemporary and globalized design sets her apart from others in the industry.

    The brand is motivated by the desire to link what people achieve and what they believe they deserve. For this reason, 247 Studio lifestyle items and accessories are luxurious and come at affordable prices making them ideal for all buyers. A perfect manifestation of attention to detail, organization, consistent relevance, exceptional design and creativity, 247 Studio lifestyle items and accessories stand remarkably authentic.  

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